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Can Social Scientists Write More Clearly? Talk at Oxford Internet Institute

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

A talk I gave at the Oxford Internet Institute . Thanks to Vili Lehdonvirta for organising, and all the (physical and digital) attendees.

Update: At the invitation of Vyacheslav Polonski I went back to OII and delivered a second version – similar to above, but with fewer details and some speculative thoughts which have occurred to me following the previous incarnation. Recording available here.

For anyone who’d rather read a (similar but somewhat different) written version than listen to my voice for 40min (for which I don’t blame you) – the unfinished script is here OII Talk and the blog that started all this off is here.

Update 2: I gave these talks around 2014. If I was to do them again I'd do them a bit differently - in particular, bring more constructive examples and go less heavy on the criticism. In particular, I think the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements have been extremely powerful examples of capturing deep systemic problems in very vivid and accessible language; the sight of many women I know tweeting 'Me Too' about experiences of sexual harrassment was an instant and upsetting insight into a really big issue, much more than 'marketisation' or 'capitalism'.

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