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I like doing things to help data & tech work better for society. I particularly look at online platforms, which can greatly improve sharing of information and ideas but also raise numerous concerns. 

I'm currently leading AlgorithmWatch's work on 'Auditing Algorithms for Systemic Risk', plus additional work around information risks (click here for examples). 

Some things I've previously helped create:

(You can find my full CV here)

I have a PhD in sociology of science from University College London.  I studied how reason and emotion collide online.  In 2013, when I started this work, this was an academically interesting topic; by 2016 it was one of the key political problems of our time.  I've also worked at the think-tank Demos during the 2017 general election. I wrote about online polarisation and Cambridge Analytica, and used machine learning to crunch data for the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show.  I'm currently a Fellow at Demos, a Policy Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and an Honorary Research Associate at UCL's Science and Technology Studies Department.

I love to help people develop skills.  I was nominated for a teaching award at UCL (teaching social theory and qualitative research, amongst other stuff).  I've produced resources for writing clear essays, literature reviews, and other academic pieces.  During Covid I supported government colleagues in the move to work from home by introducing tech and ideas to help us collaborate and look after each other remotely (things like a spreadsheet so lonely colleagues could meet for walks, anonymous methods for reporting welfare issues, etc. - if similar ideas would be useful for you, get in touch).

I used to coach amateur actors and comedians and once founded a comedy sketch troupe called CowsDrinkMilk (the name is a long story), who featured at the Edinburgh Fringe and on BBC NewsJack.  A long time ago I studied physics, and can code in Python a bit.  I am based in Berlin; my German is okay, and improving, but my expertise in techno music is still limited.

I really like sharing interesting ideas with people. So please do get in touch.

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