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I recently (April 2021) left the Civil Service and am now freelance.  I have two main projects - see below.  Subscribe (top right of this screen) for updates as they progress, and please do contact me if you want to get involved.

Marsh Martin Research & Consultancy: A consultancy helping organisations develop modern skills, tools, and strategies.  The likely move towards 'hybrid working' is going to make these more vital than ever. Looking particularly to support good causes at an affordable price.  The bit I'm currently building up is a specialised offshoot called The Data Skills Consultancy, focused on data skills.

Ideas in Action Group: I'm fascinated by how good ideas out 'in the ether' make real social change - or, too often, don't.  There's a lot of big thinking & writing about this (Theories of Change, Mission-Oriented Thinking, more). I'm interested in connecting people to share our more fine-grained, individual experiences, struggles, and ideas.

If anything you've read here could start a conversation between us please do get in touch.  In the meantime I've been collecting thoughts & recommendations which may be of interest and am also developing a bank of resources which will appear on this page.

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