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about technology, skills, and people making change.

I'm spending my time searching the internet and talking to people for thoughts on technology, skills, & how change happens nowadays.  This newsletter is a way to share those with you.  It will feature: 

  • Latest research, interesting pieces, and useful resources I've found, plus commentary and related recommendations.

  • A short weekly post & and updates on longer pieces from the blog; also links to in-progress work on which I would welcome input.

  • Updates on how projects (and freelance life) are going, including requests for collaborators.

  • A fun fact or story.  We can all benefit from some lightness in our inboxes. 

Past newsletters can be found here. Suggestions on things I could cover very welcome.

P.S. The name 'Sideways Looks' comes from my first (now historic) blog Sideways Look at Science, back from my science communication days.

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